South Park: Phone Destroyer™ App Reviews

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Best game

I’ve been playing for about 5 months now and it is by far the best iPhone game I’ve ever played. Great strategy game

Fun but frustrating

The people who spend money on this game are idiots. If nobody spent money, then it would be an equal playing field. But, when people are spending money, it makes the non-spenders unable to compete against the spenders. And the spenders are no better off than the other spenders, so all it does is equal out with them. Now, I’ve played this for months without spending a dime, and it has become so lopsided that I no longer play. It was fun at first, but now it is just annoying.

Hands Down a Fave!

I don’t normally play games on my phone but being an avid South Park fan I decided to go ahead. I have since spent many hours enjoying the game, and recommend it to anyone who is a fan. It’s never boring and it is a pleasant change from normal mobile gaming. Thanks Matt and Trey for bringing us yet another form of entertainment featuring our favorite South Park characters!

South Park Has Done it Again!

I personally hate phone games, but I find Phone Destroyer to not only be fun, but also faithful to the show’s sense of childhood creativity. If you love South Park, definitely try this game.

It won’t work

I wanted to play this but when I load it up it says I need to update the game and when I go to updates the game doesn’t need to be updated plz help

Great game...but glitches!!!!!

I’ve never been a gamer ever in my adult life but this game has definitely captured me. I love it!!! That being said, after investing more money than I care to admit into this game I have become quite disenchanted by all the sudden glitches I’ve been experiencing in this game that have been costing me PVP matches. Please if possible get to the bottom of fixing this. I have the latest updated version and yes my internet connection has always been solid. Thanks for making a great game and again, please fix the glitches. -Cory Soulier


I played someone with a clan name that was antisemitic. Submitted a report and unless these players are banned I will quit supporting. Also plan on notifying Apple and game informer. I am sick of these people ruining gaming.


I can’t even start the game because on the loading screen it says “Applying Configs” then “Error. Try again.” I tried again and again.

Cards are way over powered

You know which ones

I tried to like it...

This game seemed fun and the idea of gameplay is very good at being strategic. But it is so pay to win heavy that it is sad. You cant choose a level of difficulty when refighting old levels so once they become unbeatable you have to go to the next one so you lose out on that grind. And the pvp is so bad i either get people who leave before a match (which gives me no win points or phones destroyed) or they have their decks filled with bought cards that i can’t even put one player on the field before it gets one hit by buffed cards. I can’t buff my cards because i need coins to do that and i cant get coins without getting cards to fight bosses and i cant get cards to fight bosses unless i win pvp and i cant win pvp unless i buff cards....”they have seen through the charade” - Canadian Devil

Deranking is terrible, fix it

What would be 4-5 star game has become terrible due to all the derankers. The game will be great for about 3 weeks until you reach level 44-45 where high ranks (legendary players who have lost on purpose derank) will battle you to get wins for events. Most of their cards are lvl 5, making it very very difficult for regular players to get far in the events.

Steal your money

I bought my first special “deal” says guarantees 30 cards 5 will be rare 2 epic with increased chance of two different characters. However they gave me 15 cards with 5 rates 1 epic. And when going to support clicked Facebook account, so logged into that but then needed to create Ubisoft account then it errors out after multiple tries. Don’t spend any money on this game as it lies for what it will actually give you. Going to try to find how to file a grievance with apple store.


Super glitchy game, I lost matches mostly to the game not working properly. I've even placed characters on the field and they just stand there sometimes. Sooo many bugs probably the buggiest game I ever played. It's very off balance too Stan of many moons will wreck you every time if played right and it's very aggravating since it's impossible for me to get for some reason. I would actually pay to play this game a bit but it's to broken and it changes so frequently to make your purchases worthless do no thanks. I think I'm going to uninstall this broken game.

Keeps crashing

Using a iPhone SE and it keeps crashing every 5 minutes.

Micro transactions

The game is like any other mobile game. It’s not just luck it’s pay to win. But then again it’s owned with Ubisoft. The game devs/ company that makes trashy games such as this one. They don’t have any other way to express their feelings than to litter the game with a casino like aspect. Pay $5 to get nothing. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on this game. Encouraging other developers to do the same. People like kobesmind on youtube are ruining the game aswell trying to get enough people to nerf everything. Get good with the game. That’s pretty much what I wanted to say about this game. It’s sad that devs encourage people to gamble to get good stuff. You need cash to buy things and cash is pretty rare to get without spending real life money on the game.

Love South Park, Fix Glitches

I love South Park and this game. But I’m about to quit due to constant hang ups and restarts from the game. Constantly having to restart from freezes and glitches. Please fix so I don’t have to quit playing.

Game starting

Game won’t even work

Game Freezes!!!

After this recent update, every time I try to play a pvp match, my game freezes. Then my rank drops because of this. That’s not cool.

Great game but...

Great game here but there are a few items that hurt it. First is when you complete an event and aren’t even rewarded with the featured card just blows. Matchmaking balancing needs to be redone. I’m playing against way higher levels. Gameplay physics are off too.

Interesting at first, but then became a boring low quality pay to win game.

When I first downloaded this game I enjoyed every last minute of it. But when I progressed more, I realized how it puts you in a pay wall. Matchmaking is horrible, free packs are horrible, and the amount of unfixed bugs is enraging. If you want to make a game good, at least keep these problems non existent. Yeah, I know bugs are common in games. But the amount in this game is ridiculous.

Save your money

Burning your money would be more intelligent use than spending a dime on this garbage. Update::::: one year later game is still full of cheaters and devs will literally shame you for complaining or reporting. Send your money to me and I will make better use of it. DELETED May 2018 because devs refuse to address cheating.

Fun game

Definitely a game to get. All the good reviews are true as far as the playability and fun pvp go. Only issue I have is that most of the time that I open the game now it says ‘downloading assets’ which takes a few minutes. A lot of wait to ask for, just to open up a mobile game. *Update* No longer playing the game as it constantly asks for more and more memory to open. Other games like Clash Royale have worked their apps so they don’t have a ton of things going on at once so it requires about the same amount of memory. With every update instead of scaling back this game gets bigger and bigger and is no longer worth it to me.

This game is dying.

Sadly, this game is dying. The card leveling system is largely responsible. No you tubers play anymore so I will also quit.

Great game!

This game is so great!But there’s still one bug aren’t fixed yet.I can’t connect to the PVP fight.I hope you can fix this bug 🙂

Could have been great...

The game itself is great, with one glaring flaw. The characters, thought into the game mechanics, voices, campaign, etc are very well put together. It’s clear that the people who worked on this were fans of the South Park series. Unfortunately the multiplayer reveals the greed behind this game. At lower levels, probably 1-20, multiplayer is fun. You randomly get matched up with people slightly above or slightly below your level. At higher levels, the match making system seems to follow an algorithm that consistently matches me with people 2-5 levels higher than me. The time or money invested to have a higher level is much greater when you level 40 plus. The only thing I can think of is that the match making system does this to motivate players to spend money to level up to be at parity. For this reason, I stopped spending any money on this and tell my friends to do the same. IAP is fine when it doesn’t create a pay to win environment but this game seems to promote the pay to win model...gamers beware

Can’t even play

Immediately I spend $5 to get a good start in the game, and as soon as I start the tutorial; I can’t even drag any cards onto the field!!!! What a waste of time and money!

Poor timing loads of bugs

Tower retargets current enemy to new one each time you place a new fighter some times the characters power ups don’t work , or aren’t active at all . Mind control needs major work sometimes killing a mind controlled enemy still gives the power up to the opposing team after you have mind control over their troop at death ,this needs a big over haul of work but what do you expect from an Ubisoft game rushes out and bugged like all their games, good luck leaving feed back through their app they tend to not respond or give you any sold response to resolving the issues, instead they apologize in a review that people can see .

New update is glitching out

Game keeps cutting out and glitching during play. Deckhand butters glitching, glitching when playing cards characters not appearing. What did you do!?!?!

This game is bomb AF!


I’ll change this 1-star...

If I stop missing the first 24-48 hours of each new event. My game will load to exactly 28% then go no further, and no amount of uninstalling and reinstalling seems to help... it’s like clockwork. After that summary wait, the game plays as normal... no reinstalling or anything... it just eventually decides it wants to load all the way.... usually on the last day or so of any given event.... and has been a pattern since the drop of Mr. Hanky. So, make this app work for my iPhone SE the first 12 hours of three consecutive events and you will have the 5 star rating I want to give this game.

Been playing it for 3 straight weeks

This game is well and truly addicting. It was a little difficult to get it loaded in the beginning because it's a pretty complex app so make sure you have a steady wifi connection when you first get it. After set up though it's pretty much smooth sailing. Honestly I couldn't put the game down after playing a few rounds. Pvp is also very funny and can be pretty challenging. Free cards and events make it easy enough to level up and improve without having to spend real money but it definitely gets much more challenging after a few themes. Overall a great game though 👍🏽 Also I'd definitely recommend joining a group, even randomly, cause you can request cards and get more out of weekend events.


New update just says must update won’t let me play just say update and go to update there no update

Fun, addicting, very well done

You collect cards, level them up, and build a deck to beat your opponent. Replay value is through the roof and you can constantly upgrade different cards to play different strategies. They constantly update the game with new content too. Super well done mobile game. I'd say if you have this and Hearthstone on your phone you'd never be bored again

Best game!

I feel like a total nerd but this game is awesome! Because I’ve seen every episode of South Park thousand times and I’m constantly waiting for the next ones just game keeps me settle. Wish they added more characters but I’m sure they’re a more to come - Rickahplz

Near Perfect

This is how all mobil games should be. you can play totally free and still compete with anyone. if you spend money you can get some better cards faster, but it’s not necessary. not to mention it’s 100% south park awesomeness. a MUST GET for any south park or card game fans. personally i hate card games, but this is really good.

Big boy clash

I was a clash player, but once I found this game, since, I have not felt a need to go back, much more depth here, not to mention South Park was my childhood 😂 amazing game.

South Park or Bust

Beast game for true beasts

Great price...but a money Grab

I rather buy the game whole, than to pay for the crazy amount for the packages they offer! But great game besides that.

FANTASTIC Game! But P2W element is extreme

Make no mistake, coming from a lifelong South Park fan, this is an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE mobile game teeming with nostalgia, plenty to do, and a bit of a learning curve. I've been playing this game for a many months now, haven't spent a single dime and I've enjoyed most of my time on it. However once you get past certain levels and ranks in both PVE & PVP the game becomes extremely Pay 2 Win. More often, You'll be pitted against players who have fully leveled and decked out their cards, who will just walk right over you. Thus making the pvp more stats-based. You get free card packs here and there and a chance to obtain pvp packs every few hours or so, but this proves not to be enough once you're deeper into the game. People who have paid a crapton of money will win regardless simply because their stats are higher than yours in every way possible. Also this game has one of the most unloving money hungry developers I’ve ever come across, they will nerf a whole theme of cards so people would buy other ones. The only things keeping me playing are purely the combat and my guild friends. Pros: Beautiful game Cons:Destroyed by Ubisoft like always.

Love the game but hackers galore!

The game is great, it follows characters to the tee when it comes to the series. But the modders and hackers are giving this game a bad name. What ever happened to true competition? The game needs a report button or be able to chat with opponents and give us the option to tell them how sorry they are for cheating. Three out of five matches are cheaters and this needs to be resolved. Other than that the game is addictive and fun!

South Park Phone Destroyer

Fun and extremely addictive!

Can you say best mobile ever?

I didn’t realize how many players and communities there were for SPPD until I started playing and I can’t recommend any other mobile more so than this one in all honesty. I wish they’d release a pc version I could use my iOS account on!

Superb Game!

This game is totally awesome!

Game gets old real fast.

The game is super fun up until you finish the story mode. After that you have to either grind like hell or pay lots of real money to be remotely competitive in PVP. Grinding the single player campaign gets old real fast and the PVP gets frustrating since you really can’t compete with the players paying lots of real money. The game could really use another single player option or maybe the option to reset the story mode.

Filled with cheaters

Yep, still broken and filled with cheaters. They’re so obviously when you play them. Impossible to win at PvP when your opponent spams the same five cards all at once with limitless energy. UbiSoft is a total joke and refuses to admit there is even a problem let alone actually fix it. Scam app, do not give them any money. UbiSoft spends more time responding to bad reviews with lame form letter replies than they do getting rid of cheaters.

Pay 2 win

Played this a lot and beat the campaign but once you hit the half way point in pvp the game becomes severe pay to win. Decks are terribly unbalanced and you will see the same characters all the time. Community is straight cancer and cheeses it out as much as possible. Game is extremely hackable as well. Great for a larger device but unplayable on a phone.

I only have one request

Could you make level 30 easier please :(

Legendaries need to be nerfed

Legendaries are too overpowered Stopped playing because stan of many moons can wipe out any card


Fun collecting and playing

Fix your terrible servers

Hackers and unbalance matchmaking. Your wifi signal or the signal goes down a bar you lose connection to pvp. Just won 3-0 game is frozen and I do not register a win and game is still froze for over 10 minutes. This is an embarrassment for a mobile app and you guys only care about money

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