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I’m done. This game is enthralling in the beginning, then after an hour or so you get to a point where you have 2 options. You can either pay for the upgrades you need in order to be strong enough to hold your own in “mandatory” pvp...or you can babysit the app for 2 weeks and collect free crap every 4 hours in the hopes of getting 1 useful card. Now I've wasted time playing this game and writing this review, obviously developers don't even read the reviews, a bot will paste that same humdrum apology to this and nothing will change. Don't waste your time, data or hopes on this game.

Weird PVP battle glitch

Hi! Amazing app but there’s a glitch in the pvp battles top players thing it says nobody donated any cards and I was at the top with me donating 134 cards and now it’s saying I haven’t donated any cards at all I don’t really understand maybe it’s a minor bug, but it’s very odd because it says nobody has donated any cards it’s very weird and hopefully you can fix it. Thanks!

Cant even play it

Im stuck on the part where you press the node to chase stan. It just sits there and nothing happens. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing works. Cant even play it. Pathetic.

PvP needs to be worked on

Game is fun but pvp severely needs to be reworked. I constantly lose to those that are two levels higher and two pvp ranks higher than me with far stronger decks. Fix your pairing system and I’ll redownload but I deleted out of anger. I’m out

South Park’s Awesomeness

This game is freaking awesome! It’s a great alternative to the actual ones of the PS4 if you are on the go and want to have a good laugh.

The irony

Is it ironic that I am playing this on my iPad? Still a pretty fun game

Such a satisfyingly robust game

Love the series and this game - please continue to add expansions! I want a Super Hero expansion and anything else you can think of. Even got my friends who don't watch South Park to play and they really enjoy it!


Would be a awesome game if it didn’t freeze up constantly

Challenging but fun

The game is really challenging but is really fun to play South Park never lets me down respect my authoritah!!!!!!!

This game blows

Constantly give uneven match ups

Some of it isnt fair

THERE ARE HACKERS AND CHEATERS ON THIS GAME!! They hack the game to win pvp matches eveytime! It isn’t fair. Please find a way to block the hacking! Please! It’s discouraging me from playing anymore Edit: ummm what?? Im not understanding. My review IS serious and i’m asking WHY this happens. Again, why is it that the PVP battles are always me against someone of a higher level? What am I doing wrong. Negative i guess ??

Really read this review

This game is honestly Flippin hilarious. First thing I have to say is when you download the game and open it, it acted like it’s really in your phone and Cartman and friends All add you to a group chat. They also FaceTime you on your phone it is absolutely hilarious. They act like you’re the new kid and that they are your friends, talk crap too Hahahaha exactly what I wanted out of a South Park game

Love the game but talk about crazy jacked!

People are spamming tank mobs and high energy characters, crap warping everywhere. Then I read about the speed hacks and find out that is what is going on. Got to find a way to make your client secure, it is really killing the game imo.

The game keeps crashing

The game keeps crashing unexpectedly but overall the game is pretty good!

This game is great

While I was watching YouTube I found a video that had the name South Park in it( it was a video of South Park the fractured but whole) of course i watched it being a small fan of South Park I really liked it, but since I don’t have a lot of money to use I couldn’t play it for myself and I was fine with that. I even watched a series on South Park the stick of truth. I was fine with not being able to play any South Park games and for a while I didn’t know about this game. But one day I was looking for games on the App Store and I typed in South Park and I found this game. While I’m writing this i am only beginning the game. But this game is great there aren’t any ads and it has a good battle style that I didn’t expect to like. Overall it is very good game and I highly recommend downloading it.

Great Characters - A Bit More

The new game has delivered in capturing the classic South Park feel, in particular with the characters. In fact, for that reason, I would like to see the game expanded (I expect this to occur). An excellent example is the Star Wars Hero Game. If the makers of this game follow that model - it will do great!!!

Please nerf some cards

Not to sound like a 12 year old noob or something, but a lot of overpowered, supposedly “hard-to-find”, such as Manbearpig, are appearing constantly in pvp matches, and some levels, like level 48, are tedious or just downright impossible without hours of grinding, and even then, the random chance with the lockers means that you might not even get the things you need to progress in the game. I would just like some cards to be nerfed, or at least have their chances of being found altered, and for items to be a teensy bit easier to get.

Well thought out, but

I’ve gotten to a point where I can’t win anything. I feel like the game wants me to pay-to-win. I can’t win PVP, I can’t beat the computer, it’s not really fun anymore. It’s a shame because it is a good game.

So much potential wasted.

This game had potential to be something legit, but not only is the paywall high, but eventually you will be trying to put a valiant effort trying to fight lvl 5 people who’ve dumped a ton of money into a glitchy game. The rng and pathing in this game is terrible and people rank 40 and up do everything they can to win. Glitching minions so they don’t die or blatant energy manipulation. Then there’s the pvp disconnects. So when you think you have a chance at slightly enjoying the game (because you can’t main story your way though the game without piping) you get disconnected mid fight and suffer another loss. I wouldn’t waste time on this game until all the issues have been fixed.

PLEASE FIX THE HAT THING!! -- & easier levels.

It's really irrational me that I can not take off my hat(s). I'm not sure if it's a glitch or something, but I'm unable to take it off no matter what I try. Also, To a certain point the levels you start out on are always on "hard"; You don't start off on easy or progress to medium any more. I'm currently level 7 on episode 10-circle 49. And I've been automatically been starting out on hard since like the 5th or 6th episode. It's mostly only annoying when you're trying to replay the levels to get upgrade items or extra cash. Other than these things I absolutely love the game. I really like how the challenges are doable and how pvp matched you with rank and not your level. I love all the different characters and appreciate all the creativity the game consist of!


Very good

Grind Grind Grind

Once you get past all the fluff involving upgrades and other such nonsense it's just a complicated version of rock paper scissor grind. This game is obviously designed as a competitor to animation throwdown, and offers nothing new to mobile games other than southpark colored lipstick on the same boring old pig.

Lowkey lit af

This game go hard bih

God like game

Absolutely amazing

Good game

Good game


A Awesome Game recommend to be played on Any device 100% Guaranteed it,

Would give it 5 stars but FORCES you to PVP.

Game is funny as hell! Love it until you realize after every area you HAVE to PVP to continue. First 1 pvp battle then it increases. It’s annoying as hell. Other than that it’s a fun.


It’s amazing! When I found that there was a South Park game on the phone I was thrilled! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Love it but it desperately needs...

The game is great. I am really addicted to playing. The only thing I think it needs desperately is an advanced cheat detection or something along the lines of the sort because in PvP there are a majority of players that will constantly be sending out cards that cost high energy to play, they’ll send them out back to back to back. And then when you lose you lose two or three stars instead of one, or if you win games you won’t get a star at all. Once they fix the cheating that happens it’ll be a great solid game

Game crashes often on iPhone 6 Plus

Often times in the middle of the match the game freezes and force closes the app. This is inconvenient because one must reboot the whole game to start playing again, which might take a few minutes ..

South Park is amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love this game it’s fun and very addicting and responsible price for things love it that it good story and all my favorite characters so if you love the show you’ll love the game almost identical to the PS4 game in combat love it sounds much!!!!!!!

Take too long to load

Every time I open the game I have to wait 5 minuets for the game to download assets

Love everything about this game BUT…

I’d love it if once we reach Rank 10 in PVP we didn’t start losing stars for every battle lost thereafter. Gives others an unfair advantage and some players like myself get caught in a loop of gaining stars and then losing them again.


Must download game, SO MUCH FUN

Fix it

When trying to download the game it says not compatible for my device.and my ISO is more then it should need I really wish I could play・


Game freezes during matches.

Great game but It crashes alot

I am a 14 year old south park fan who enjoys all the south park and ubisoft games. But one problem I have is that whenever I try to play the game online or offline It crashes mid match and I have to start the match over. It is really annoying, and it happens to alot of players, please fix for 5 stars

There’s still a wall and it’s very glitchy

3rd update: so I spent about a week upgrading my characters and trying to find the best method to beating level 50, but in any combination I can't get grand wizard cartman down past two bars. There is definitely no way your getting past his level without spending money. I bought the three dollar pack they had for a special and it was garbage. Again, they're only looking for whales. Your not gonna beat level 50 without spending atleast 50, guaranteed. Not only that there are tons of glitches in the pvp, sometimes your guys will do nothing or they skip the enemy all together. Then other times you hit the enemy and it won’t do any Damage until the following hit, but by that time your guy is already dead. It’s these glitches that can turn the tide of a match and it’s infuriating. 2nd update:so they had eased up on the story line and they got better with the pvp matches, but again another wall has been reached with grand wizard cartman after you defeat rogue token. There no getting past 2 health bars which are 500 plus each bar. So again we have reached that unclimbable wall without having to pay a large sum. Again, it's a very fun game and if the costs were more reasonable then they would have a lot more people continuing to play and gladly pay. But it seems that the whales are all they're marketing for. So have fun for what it is, the story is hilarious. 1st Update: so I took a break from the game and came back to it and saw that it needed an update, and after updating you could tell they took heed to what their reviewer had to say. The wall I stated below is gone and they eased things up for the little guys, so in Lou of that, I'm going to continue to play and see how far We get, and if another wall is met which I'm sure there is, but hopefully not for a while. But I still think if they charged less that more people would spend and in doing so they would make more and have more happy customers.-- original post:So I started playing this game a little over a week ago and it's very addicting. But if you don't pay by the time your level seven you'll hit the wall everyone talks about. And when it endsYou end up facing grand wizard cartman and he just out guns you and also it won't allow you to summon certain characters while in play, so your stuck with weaker players to be slaughtered. I got somewhat close to beating him but you won't get past two power bars down. I've tried every tactic and changed up cards many times and there is no way to beat him without spending money on more pack. And it's too expensive. I would gladly pay 15 bucks for 6000 cash but they're asking 50$ and that's way too much. If you lowered the prices I'm sure there would be tons of people staying on, 50 is basically a new video game, that's ridiculous. Again it's fun and the storyline is great, but it doesn't give the little guys any chance. On top of that it's very buggy in pvp and your guys freeze at times. Among other things the matches you get always blow you out at a certain point and they have all the best gear. So i do feel like there may be bots but then you have the whales that can shell out 200 to get way ahead. So if your not looking to spend much I'd play it just to have a little fun, and then get out cuz there's not climbing that wall without real cash involved.

The latest version lags a lot

I’ve been in an out of the app forcefully for a couple of times. It just freezes when I was just few seconds into PVP (geez, all those lucky opponents). Please get this fixed!


I only have one complaint, and that complaint is that when ever I am playing pvp and I defeat someone, but their troops are still fighting and attacking my character and even though I already got the other guy, when the people are still attacking my guy and mange to kill him, I still lose even though I got the other guys first.


Awesome game/gameplay!!! Love it


Coolest game ever

Best game ever!

Best game ever and hilarious love the characters great art love everything about it

Cards and final boss

The problem with the cards is the fact is takes to many to upgrade passed level 3. 50 Cards to level up a card sure there are three options to get cards but the chances of you getting that card are slim to none and the drop rate is really low for some you need to add something that you can gain cards faster besides the pvp daily and shops and the pvp things you do every so often also the way to get upgrade items needs a bit of tinkering as well and now on to the final boss cartmans area is to broken with the speed of energy and the massive amount of enemies is the odds are ridiculously against you for winning also the 2 invincible shield statues how in the world are you even remotely supposes to break through his army and break them reason I say that nothing dies on his side so breaking those are nearly impossible so plz fix this


It’s a rather enjoyable game. I’m not having issues with my deck anymore. But when I play other players like for instance I have a man bear pig and during a fight he disappears before he dies as if getting erased by the other player. Wasting my energy.

Another pay to win game

Get ready for lots if micro transactions! Also very buggy, causes you to lose alot of loot. Failed attempt by ubisoft AGAIN


Tips for the game: If you see manbearpig just quit the game, can can literally beat you with just that character. Also be prepared to face people 2-3 levels higher than you, and since you don't level up from battles but from upgrading cards, a higher level really means that they have spent more money and have better cards. Don't get me wrong you can still win but it's an uphill battle. Also even tho you've been playing since launch don't expect to get a legendary card, I have yet to get one even when I earned every card pack in a "legendary event" and came up with junk. Good game but extremely unbalanced

Needs Game Center but Game Center isn’t available

You can’t play if you don’t have Game Center. But you can’t download Game Center anymore. So this is shovelware for iOS 10

It’s South Park

The game is fun but there’s absolutely no fairness with locker picks, as well as the unmanageable matchups they give you in pvp, you WILL NOT ADVANCE if you don’t put money into this .. they should fix the reward drops.. absolutely no possibility for getting what’s necessary to advance even in story mode

Weak game in the end

Ultimately this game is fun but if you don’t pay you can’t keep up. Plus since the first update now the game crashes and regular glitches and targeting issues. I’ll never pay to play and especially not for a lackluster game that is this buggy.

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