South Park: Phone Destroyer™ App Reviews

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Fun and great game to play


You ruined the game with the last update. Trying to force players to spend money to stay competitive is greedy and transparent. Shame on you.

There pvp is stupid

I have been playing this game for about a week now n every time i play pvp now its a stronger way higher level guy then i am who can summon 5 guys to my 1 and there the same cards i have but apparently i only get half the energy he does. The rest of the game is fun and i enjoy it but there pvp system is really maken me mad. Needs a rank down system for pvp so u can fight people u with your rank cards.


Amazingly slow game. Everything takes so long from clicking the buttons and navigating through the menus. Gets boring very fast. After the few bots you first fight in the arena you will literally lose every single battle. Any unit you place will be slaughtered by someone with 2 levels above you. Since this is an Ubisoft game you have to pay big money to compete.


Smh South Park freemium isn’t free


I got to the 5’th level and when Carrman’s text pops up that says “Tap and hold on an enemy unit to see what you up against.” The game freezes. I’ve tried everything to get past this point but it appears this is where the game ends as it completely freezes up and the game can no longer be played. Please fix this!! Fun game up until then though.

Good game just too many hackers

It’s a good game except for the amount of hackers you will run into at higher ranks. Players who spawn large amounts of characters with what would seem to be unlimited power and others whose characters seem to not receive full amounts of damage. I enjoyed the game but ended up quitting due to these hackers ruining the fun of playing.

Not Optimized for iPhone Xs Max

Game is zoomed in closer compared to iPhone X which is bothersome and music refuses to play in PVP matches as well as sound effects being hit or miss. Please optimize for iPhone Xs Max since it was fine on iPhone X.

Great game but wish there was audio

No audio while playing the game I need headphones or Bluetooth to listen to the game

Don't get into it

The title screen warns that this game will cost money and should not be played by anyone. They're not exaggerating. The game is funny and fun.. for about a day or so. That's because you get to the point where you can't advance in the solo game and you can't seem to beat anyone in pvp anymore. That is, of course, unless you want to spend money to buy card packs. I get the feeling that the card packs would let you continue - until you hit the wall again later. I uninstalled the game.

Notification when clan members are on

There’s no way to tell when my fellow clan members are on and it would be nice to see because I’ve never played a match with any of them a simple green or red dot would do. Good job on the update guys!

Latest update killed the game

I am a level 19 and was able to play quite well. After Monday’s update I am being wasted by level 13-18’s. I used to be able to go legendary but now can’t even get past level 40! I AM A LEVEL 19!!!!!! I seriously can’t move. Paid a lot of money over the last 6 months. Not happy at all. I loved the game.


For some reason it won’t let me play the game once I download the app it keeps telling me login to Game Center failed.

The underpants gnomes are the best

Their is no great game without underpants gnomes lol

Good game but pay to play and pvp unbalanced

I love South Park and do like the game. It’s sort of like clash royal. Getting cards and upgrading them. But the only thing about this game is the pay wall. The game gets hard. I don’t mind playing a game that requires strategy to win but in this game. It requires strong cards. I hate the fact that in the story mode. The computer is summoning cards you have no way of obtaining unless your willing to pay. And these are good cards with strong effects. I’m stuck on Kyle at lvl 26 because he is OP. Also, after you win you have to select 3 lockers out of many and hope you get at least 1 of the 3 best cards available in the lockers at that time. PVP is just unbalanced, your forced to play pvp to move further in the story mode. I was lvl 2 and played my 2nd match and the opponent I was faced with was just OP all around. He summoned the wolf and none of my cards could beat him. I may delete this app and just play my dragonball z legends. Now that game is epic !!!! Also clash royal did this style of play much better. Only thing with South Park that’s better is the story mode but again, story mode gets hard. Overall a good game but be prepared to pay or do massive grinding.

Good and bad

This game is lots of fun but has some serious PVP matchmaking issues. It will regularly match you with people that are 4 to 5 levels higher with over 100hp more. Out of the last 20 games I’ve played, only 2 were against people my level. Hard to win when everyone you play has maxed out cards...


It's obvious you have to spend $ in order to progress in the game. I love South Park but this game isn't worth the storage

Need a better match-making system

As a supporter of the South Park brand, this game needs a lot of fixing. The PvP aspect of the game makes me not want to play anymore. The battles are uneven majority of the time. The person you are playing against is either above 2-3 levels or below 1-3 levels. I also hate you go down levels when it takes so much time to get to higher levels. At one point, I was at level 13 in PvP but as I kept losing unfair matches, I went back down to level 10. It just defeats the purpose of obtaining high skill levels & not staying there. This game would be better if match-making was more even according to skill level & that I don’t go down skill levels when I lose matches.

Fun at first....

Plenty of South Park nostalgia, but too many issues to justify spending money on it. I drop $60+ on console games all the time, and even phone games that keep me entertained, but won’t be spending any money on this. Upgrading cards takes months unless you want to spend large chunks of money. Upgrade materials are so hard to come by. I can buy entire consoles for the cost of some of their “deals”. Loot system is trash, random lockers that give you nothing you need (of course you can use premium currency to open more), and you literally get NOTHING if you lose a pve OR PvP match. Hardcore paywall. PvP is horrid, expect to lose a lot to whales, regardless of their level. Developers: don’t bother responding to my review with your pathetic template response you literally give EVERY review that has anything negative to say. In fact, here, let me save you the time: Hello, we are sorry you did not enjoy the game, be assured we take your feedback whether it be positive or negative seriously. Prove it with actions, not useless review responses....ffs.

Pretty OK

As much as I sometimes hate this game, it’s pretty fun most of the time if you don’t take it seriously. South Park will always bring a smile to my face. If it does for you, definitely give this game a try.

Great game, bad balance

Now mystic is far too powerful at the moment. Until I don’t see every mystic legendary and epic in EVERY pvp match, this rating will not change.

Good game but witch doctor Token is too op

The game is fun but the unit “Witch Doctor Toke “ is too op, for me I only have like one spiritual card and when that unit is deployed he does instakill Damage and recharged at a rate which is faster than I can deploy cards

For all the negative reviews....

First off, let me just say I'm not a rich person. I'm not playing 24/7. And I don't know how to hack a game. That being said, it is ABSOLUTELY possible to play without money. I should know, I'm a level 14, pvp shield rank 44, and have a ton of lvl 5 cards. It wasn't easy, but hey, if it was, people wouldn't play. If you don't have or want to spend the money, then you have to put in the time. If you're expecting to get all the cards your first day, lower your expectations. You have to figure it out and earn your cards. If you're expecting to win every match, think again. Yes you do get matched with people ranked higher and lower than yourself. I beat someone 4 levels higher than myself this morning. How? I understand how my cards work, and how the game works. You play this game with skill, not luck. Don't give a bad review because you're lazy or think everything should be handed to you.


Why is the game not letting me update or play


It’s actually pretty funny


I love South Park games. They always seem to be the best.


Gameplay is fun but are we really not going to address the screen orientation glitch (crash) that happens during pvp?!? This has been going on for over a month now.

Developers please read!

So, I’ve never wrote a review for a game ever. This game is absolutely amazing! The only thing I’ve had a problem with is the fact that I finished the bounty hunter Kyle event and I read that if you beat the solo it will give you one guaranteed, but that never happened. All I ask is if you’re going to say something is guaranteed then make sure it is. Overall great game, but I’m giving 2 stars will change after something is done.

Great game for cheaters. Pay to win at its finest.

At first I thought this was an awesome game. Graphics were great, South Park references were awesome and was an overall well built game. However, after completing the single player campaign with noted stops unless you bought a ton of upgrades or grinder for hours, all that was left was the PvP. So many times I would be facing players that would spawn cards at excessive rates and screenshot it. Matchmaking was placing people 4-5 levels higher than me against me. I had thought if I bought a pack that I would improve my game. Similar to a “pay $xx to remove ads theme” Nope. I got cards that were no different from the purple PvP packs. What a waste of money. One legendary card costing 2000 in game dollars is absurd. This translates to like $18 our money. For one card. Of course as they level up it’s 2 cards, 4 cards, 6 cards and so on to level them up for successful playability. But at that price it’s robbery. There’s an in game place to report cheating but there is no feedback. You send it and nothing ever happens. This is the worst pay to win game I have seen. If you want a casual nice game to play for a week or two this is it. If you want something with quality and occasionally spend a few dollars, forget it. Ubisoft has it right, “You Be Soft” if you pay long term.


Love it!

Great game

Love this game! It's the best after beating the fractured but Whole.

I don’t like pvp

PVP it scars me delete it plz I still like the game :D

Match making?

First off the game is definitely pay to win. On top of which the match making is ridiculous? More often than not I am set up in pvp matches against people whom are 7-10 levels higher than myself. Better games out there of the same genre type.

Great game, but...

While the concept and execution of the game is fantastic, small issues continuously pop up that hinder gameplay and make it too frustrating to play. Once you blast through the first few dozen easy levels, there's an difficulty curve that's exponentially infuriating with the strength of the opponents. This leads to loss after loss and makes you want to do nothing more than delete the app. The PvP match making is awful, and I have spent (while I'm not too proud to say) over an hour in consecutive online matches losing every single one. While the app was fun for the first month or so, the difficulty of the campaign and the frustration of getting schooled online is enough to throw it on my last page of apps and open it when there truly is nothing better to do. I've since removed the app and my life has been much less stressful.

Need a character

Good game but should ad towele and outfits like sober towele and high towele plz ad

Holy hell

This game is great and I love South Park although it is so annoying when the game crashes on a compatible device

Awesome game

I suggest you watch Amy Nicole she is the best at what she does ALSO IGOT MY FIRST LEGENDARY (Stan of many moons)

Leaves a lot to be desired

After playing this app for two weeks I can say that I am honestly disappointed. I was expecting a fun South Park game and for the first couple of days it was enjoyable. The story was fun, the mechanics simple, I liked the general concept of it. Even the gacha parts of the app weren’t that bad. However, the reasons why I rate this app mediocre are as follows: PVP is awful. At first I was actually having fun with it but after awhile, the match ups are just horrible. I get that you can’t win them all but when you can’t win a single fight after rank 5, and mind you after 30 or so matches, it gets irritating after so much time was wasted. It’s like the system intentionally matches you up with people higher ranked than you are to give you a challenge, which is fun and all, but when you’re trying to earn your packs for the day, it’s just not feasible. And the only way to get some of your daily card packs is through PVP. System is horrible, match ups are even worse, you’re seriously facing having to drop some cash to get good cards/upgrade materials just to even have a chance at PVP matches. Oh and did I forget to mention that you can’t repeat stages to grind for upgrade/coin materials in Story mode? You literally have to beat ALL the stages in one map to be able to go back and grind. And if you’re stuck on one stage sorry, you can’t go back down to a lower level stage. It would have been nice had they added some kind of daily quest to at least ease some of the difficulty burden, but now I’m just stuck opening my daily packs per day and stocking up on cards/materials since I can’t beat any of the story mode difficulties or progress into PVP without having my *** handed to me every single fight. I want to see where this app goes as I’ve read a lot of other people giving feedback but at this rate, I’m more closer to deleting it off my phone than keeping it.

Tons of fun

Very fun game if your a fan of the series and the ps4/ Xbox one game then you will love this 💙

Good game

I love the game very entertaining especially if you do understand the characters. The only problem I have with it is that every time the events are over as soon as I log into the game it takes me straight to the event page and there is no exit option to continue playing.

Excellent Game

PvP is excellent, tons of contests, content, give always and always compelling. PvE is fun, but not updated regularly. Great game.

Cash grab stay away

This game could be fun; but they charge you way too much to play. You could spend a $100 and still wind up with junk cards that do not help you play the game. They match you against players at a higher and lower skill level than you to make the game play so frustrating! All they care about is money, no regard for making the game fun and fair! I have filled 3 complaints with Ubisoft and they have never responded. Not to mention numerous technical glitches characters freezing, and controls unresponsive. Terrible waste of time, it will leave you feeling angry and disappointed in the South Park team! Please spread the word.

Issues With Ninjew Fight

Hello. I was hoping you could fix a problem I am having in the game. That being that the Ninjew fight is WAY too overly difficult. This is my first battle against him too. My complaint is that almost all of his cards have insane HP, broken abilities and high damage. I’m referring to Sexy Nun Randy, Witch Doctor Token and Pope Timmy. Sexy Nun Randy isn’t too much of a hassle with his minion summoning, but his HP is insane and so is his damage out-put. Even though Pope Timmy is slow, again, insane HP and high damage. And then there’s Witch Doctor Token. Not only does his charge practically insta-kill any card, but also his damage and hp are, again, insanely high. I was wondering if you could remove these three cards from the first fight against Ninjew, as well as remove Legendaries as a whole during the story mode (e.g. make it so the opponent cannot use them unless the cards themselves are boss battles).

Cheaters cheaters cheaters

Game is fun and can waste some time. Don’t spend money. Repeat. Don’t spend money. There are cheaters galore in this game. You will launch a 3 energy player and then BAM a player with a lower rank will launch 4 players with total energy FARRRRR exceeding energy capabilities. Play at your own risk and spend money if you’re an idiot. Shame Ubisoft.


Fun and all, a great entertaining app; however, crashes often (once/twice) a day when opening packs. You lose the pack and get none of the rewards. Don’t spend money or grind. Not until the crashing stops when opening packs.

Great game

Best game ever

Too many glitches

Update: Well, I have lost a minimum of $25 South Park dollars just in the last week trying to open extra lockers, and since it takes them 2 weeks to email you back it obviously won’t do any good to email them. So my suggestion- Don’t waste your time or money opening extra lockers. The game might freeze and when you exit the game and come back your money will be gone but you won’t get to open the lockers. On top of the fact that the game constantly crashes during pvp, making you lose the round, this game is less and less fun. Update: Really? Customer support will be happy to help? That’s hilarious considering I have emailed multiple times and can’t get a response. I got one response after a week and 2 emails and when I responded to that one I didn’t get an answer. So I emailed again. No answer. And again. No answer. So take your “customer support would be happy to help you” and shove it up your... Update: Well, with the latest update I am leveling up/upgrading cards and then the next time I check they have not been upgraded/leveled up. Also, yesterday I was level 30 pvp and noticed later it had me back at level 29. Today I’m back down to level 26. It shows me as having collected all the prizes up to level 30 under the current rank shield. I guess it doesn’t matter how much you play, level up, or how much money you spend. They’ll just take it all back away from you. Wish there were actually a way to easily contact support. Guess I won’t be spending any more money on this game. Thanks for nothing South Park. P.S. Getting kicked out of the game 20 times a day doesn’t help either. I have turned my phone off and back on, updated my phone, made sure game is up to date, etc.

Great game turned horrible

This game used to be the best mobile game around. Then they went and did a balance change and made it so only players who spend thousands of dollars and are lucky can play at high ranks. It no longer takes skill to play. All you need is to spend enough money to get a few legendary cards to level 3, and you'll walk all over any other player that does not have those. I used to be rank 350 in legendary with only one level 6 common, no legendary, and a couple level 5 rares. Now I can barely break into rank 900 because I can't even scratch players with all level 3 legends and level 4 epics. I used to support this game and spend money on it because it was enjoyable and fun and challenging. Now it's geared for just the rich players who spend the most. Well I'm not spending my money on this game anymore until they fix what they've done. I encourage everyone else to rate this game one star and tell them you won't be spending money either until they fix it.

Game locked me out, your fault

Events. I had to wait a week to be able to play the game again, even reinstalling! App crashed on event screen. I guess I didn't play again until after the was over, and the X close button wasn't there. It would just let me know the event was over. Had to wait until a new event started to get the close button back. Thus, no game play whatsoever until then. You guys should really make the return home button available on all screens!

Delete this game. Waste of money and time.

Full of hackers. If ya like to spend tons of real cash to try and compete with people hacking the game and devs letting it happen, this is the game for you. Total garbage, would be fun if it was in anyway fair and wasn’t pay to win and chocked full of cheaters.

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