South Park: Phone Destroyer™ App Reviews

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I love the game

Is there a way u guys can reset my game

Great game…

So I absolutely love the game with a few exceptions. First, there are quite a few glitches (ex. I just defeated someone in pvp who drained my health seconds after I drained theirs and it counted as a loss for me). Second, too large of gaps in difficulty between some story battles. The game gets harder at a faster rate than you can upgrade your cards.

I’ll keep it short

I love the series but the “downloading assets” screen and the fact that it can only be played while having some kind of internet service is what made me delete it. Honestly I’m just disappointed. I was hoping there was a South Park game I could play while commuting underground. Oh wells...

Better balance

This game is still fun but there is one thing that needs to be fixed: balance. This game is not balanced. Out of all the different card classes, the cowboy class receives the most cards so you can update. I would like to use the other cards especially the mystical class but cannot because I rarely receive cards for them. No cards, no upgrade. This needs to be fixed ASAP.


I’m giving it two stars because I can’t start the game when I’m in create a kid I create my kid but can’t hit play I’m connected to WiFi and assets wont download

Too many downloads

Every other day you have to redownload assets to the game. Takes away from the game play. Otherwise a fun game.

Can’t even play

Whenever I first get into the game it says cannot connect to servers then when you want help to fix it Ubisoft doesn’t even have an option for this problem on their website

Bugs and long download times

Downloads for daily assets updates take too long, one of them took over a half hr(cannot close app into background during this time). Constantly says there’s not enough space “need 1499mb for additional downloads” I have over 5gb free. Was fun when it did work but now I’m deleting it.

Crap company

Great graphics but that’s about it if you spend money on apps don’t waist your money here for a while they got a lot to fix cheaters for days iv spent a lot!! On this game to not be able to play because off all the mods company does not care about its paying customers ect on and on save your money lol

Fun, yet frustrating as hell.

So for starters, when you loose connection, you shouldn’t be penalized. With that being said, it’s annoying that a game penalizes you for this incident and yet doesn’t reward you when your opponent looses connection. Also a lot of glitches with the game. It is a great time killer, but that’s about it. Therefore, only two stars.

Huge Balance Issue

This game is fun and all, but why in the actual eff does a lvl 7 beat me? Im a lvl 10! And don’t even get me started on the Manbearpig card


All I gotta say is Barrel adougie level 4, prophet Dougie Level 4 , and Calamity Heidi level 5 when you play the game you will understand really how serious the things is what I just said is. Also iOS n android cannot combine accounts . This game will ruin and eat lots of your time and your family and friends will be mad at you for ignoring them and playing. This will make you late for work, lose relationships , and forget to eat okay with caution please


Not sure how they managed to do it, but with this update, the game is now even more unbalanced....

Played for an hour and could win only one match!!!

Not cool! Not cool at all!! I am a gamer I am good at games! I honestly can’t tell if it is because I have progressed to high of a level or if the new matchmaking is at fault! But serious! An hour match after match! It was okay to get pummeled by a higher lvl player because I would get to pummel a lower level player eventually... but this is beyond ridiculous! Rob derdek has nothing on this matchmaking! Love the game won’t continue to play if this is how it is! Just like most games it’s all about the beginning so u get addicted and spend money before you level up and it becomes a nightmare! ITS A PHONE GAME PLAGUE

Coon and friends

I like the game but I really think they should add a superhero update

Needs fixing

I have played this game 4 a month already n i have enjoyed it, its very fun, would recommend this if u like South Park, only concern is that i don’t like the current ranking system in PvP, there r moments were u will win or lose a match n it doesn't give or take any stars, others where u will get 2 stars or lose 2 stars, not sure if thats how it works 4 ur system but it annoys me, should be if u win ur awarded a star n if u lose u lose a star, recently started 2 encounter bugs where it didnt lemme get on bcuz supposedly my connection has problem but ik its lying cuz i tried my other apps that require wifi n they don’t have the same problem now that it lets me in my pvp matches dont start, can’t see my clan page so I can’t donate or communicate with my clan, not sure whats going on but im pretty its not me but the game itself. Fix this problem plz.

Good fun game

I would give it 5 stars but I’m having troubles with the game I keep getting connections errors so I can’t progress further but the gameplay is fun

There was an update?

Had to delete this game for a second time due to “can’t connect to server” issue. I can’t even finish episode 1 let alone play a pvp game after the 1st one. It won’t even let me claim my awards from doing the achievements. What did the update do bc it hasn’t changed in 2 months except for the fact it doesn’t lock up after the butters cutscene. Pathetic. Only reason I gave 2 stars instead of 1 is because I actually got to play a game more than what I had on a different device (older).

Downloading assets issue...

I am no longer able to open the app, nor have I since the last 3 updates. It keeps saying when I open the app that it requires 1499 MB for downloading assets, but I have 2.5 GB free. The app is great, but since I can’t even open it it’s on the edge of being deleted.

Fun but needs some changes

I absolutely love the game but have a major issue with de ranking. I have been matched in pvp with people 5 ranks above me. I have known several people quit playing the game because of the players that purposefully de rank them selves for easy wins. I think maybe the most you can derank should be one or two whole levels below your current rank.

Still no update

This game is slowly dying with all the crashes, hackers and bad glitches. Edit: Updating to 1 star because The Game STILL crashes. Which means you don't get rewards from lockers when you're supposed to.

Constantly fails to open

It is constantly failing to open. It reads that I’m not connected to Game Center, as I literally see the Game Center notification telling me I am connected. I fail to understand how this could happen on my brand new iPhone 7. It’s seems the developers are either lazy or incompetent but I would not recommend downloading this game

Stop pushing all the microtransactions

Content keeps getting better but the microtransactions are being pushed more than ever now. You can buy normal and rare cards with the coins. The rare cards are the ones that change the game at high levels and those ones are buyable for about $4 ea. I need 25 of them to be able to compete. I’m one of those people who doesn’t see a need to throw money at a free game. I like the game, I like the updates, I just don’t like how centrally directed the game is to trying to pry your wallet open.

It would be fun

If the Devs would take care of cheaters with a simple line of code to stop energy hacks this would be a better game

Racist af

But what else can you expect from southpark

Loading screen takes too long

Come on guys. This is a great game, but the most recent update is causing the game to take upwards of 3 mins to load. This is unacceptable. Please fix this, I will not be playing until it gets fixed.

Great game!!

I love the game it’s fun and hilarious!! But please add a deck optimization feature that will allow you to crest the best deck possible with the touch of a button! It would save a lot of time trying to sift through your cards to find the best ones. Thanks for a great game!!

Why so many updates...

Sooo idk if anyone else has had the problem but every single day I play this game I have to wait 10 minutes to even begin playing due to the downloading assets I love the game would without a doubt give 5 stars if it wasn’t for this

Great game for cheaters

Let me start by saying I really enjoy the game. I enjoy it so much I have done in app purchases which I never do. That being said I have started to notice A LOT of people who have hacked the game and are cheating!!!!! This makes it impossible to level up and is very frustrating to okay now to the point I refuse to make in app purchases anymore and waste my money and am considering deleting the app. I did some research and apparently it’s super easy to hack the game to get faster energy and movement for characters. I refuse to cheat but it seems like 70% of the people I play now are cheating and it’s sad no one is doing anything about it.

Update killed pvp

After the update, there was a “better” matching system for pvp that constantly puts me with people way out of my league, using cards I’m not even close to being able to get. Before I could win a match or two, but I always at least got my five phones. Now I’m lucky to get one phone. I’m pretty sure this was a ploy to make you spend more money so you can be more competitive. Speaking of not being able to get cards, there doesn’t seem to be a way to go back and discover cards after you passed a certain pvp rank. For instance, I can’t go back to a previous arena to grind for Cupid Cartman or Manbearpig, which is such an OP card that if anyone pulls it on you, you’re screwed. It also seems to be immune to Cyborg Kenny. I’m about to quit the game. I had so much fun playing until this update. Now I can’t do anything. You don’t get cards if you don’t destroy any phones.

Quite possibly the worst game ever

This is this single worst example of a cash grab on the App Store. Not only will yo be unable to play without spending HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS, but the game is grossly bug filled. Impossible to win, the game is skewed to the house. Then there are a handful of players who just dominate the game. Matchmaking system is garbage, teams don’t play and some of the best cards are impossible to get. Pretty sure I am going to submit further complaints, including to the B.B.B. Since I am certain there is immense cheating behind the scenes.

Crashes daily

Really like the game but hard to climb the pvp ranks when the app closes randomly in the middle of a match. Usually crashes at least once ever time I play.

I can’t stress how awesome this game is but...

Love this game. Love South Park. I just really want a friendly battle system where you can battle against your clan teammates or a 2v2 system where you and a clan teammate go against another partner from a different clan. Other than that everything is a lot of fun.

Last review was accidental 5 star

Balanced matchmaking is a joke since this update


There are so many bugs with this game that I can’t even get in it I need to play. I’ve spent well over $20 to play and try to level my people up and now It will not connect to the server! I have an Internet connection on my iPad and it just keeps telling me that there is no Internet service provided. If I would’ve known this game was just going to crap out on me I would never have paid money to try to play it. What a waste of money. They should reimburse people that does not get to play the game end of story!!! They say you can go to support at UB soft but they will not help you because you can’t contact them!

Update killing my vibe

Today’s update is causing a ton of issues (crashes, not loading, and now a persistent connection error)...was working great before (tons of fun)...if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

PVP Broken

From randomly resurrected units, to no hit detection, to enemy units walking right past each other! The PVP aspect of this game is absolutely broken to the point where it is a coin toss to who will win despite unit level and strategy. I’ve had enemy unit fall down just to have them randomly appear right next to my tower and be undetected by is with 1 hp left! So many glitches have caused the PVP to be unplayable. I wish I could say these are random occurrences but they happen multiple times every game. It’s sad to say cause the game is really fun when I works but it just doesn’t too often. The PVP needs a serious overhaul before I would recommend this game to people which I would if it weren’t so frustrating. It has potential just being covered by this huge problem.

Still hacked and broken

Another update, same broken and hacked PvP that UbiSoft does not care to fix. Support is non-existent and they only reply with a form response and do nothing. Looking forward to their same lame response to this review of ‘sorry you didn’t enjoy the game, but we’re too lazy to fix the multitude of hacking that goes on because that would involve us doing something that isn’t just taking peoples money’

Fun but crashes frequently on iPhone

The head to head pvp is fun, but the game has a tendency to crash in the middle of battles, which can be very frustrating. If it weren’t for the frustrating crashes the game would be 5 stars.

Can't update

What’s wrong with the game that I can’t update ?

Very sad

I love this game and have gotten pretty far now... I was just playing this last night!! I open the app tonight and it says it won’t play until I update the app.. I play this on my iPod Touch 6th gen.. apparently it will not update and now I can not play... this makes me very sad.. 😩😩😩😔😔


I wasn’t having any errors and loved this game so much but it keeps telling me to update and there aren’t any available so now I can’t play ):

Used to be great

Now won’t let me play unless I update. But won’t let me update or even give me the option to in the App Store. Unplayable now

So many updates

Feel like I have to update the game on weekly basis... other than that it is pretty cool.

Game will not allow me to play after an update

Is anyone else having an issue with not being able to play the game until after 12+ hours after an update? It happens every time and I really enjoy this game but it’s starting to annoy me a tad.

SP Comments Drinking Game

Drink every time the developer says: “We are sorry to hear you did not enjoy the game, be assured we take your feedback whether it be positive or negative seriously.” Don’t actually play the drinking game. You will die. About the game: - It’s worth a download - There are plenty of money pits, they aren’t worth it, don’t bother - Cheaters are fairly common but not in the early ranks - Some glitches are absolutely maddening As long as you don’t take the game seriously and you don’t mind losing around 50% of the time, the game is still *pretty* fun.


Keeps telling me I need to update click on update and there’s no update. Can’t play it sad.

Love the game but receiving errors

As of this morning the login screen directs me to a message advising game needs to be updated to be played. I click update which brings me to the Apple store to this page. There is no update pending. What’s the deal??

New update

Once my game updated with the most recent updates my my game will no longer let ad it just keeps telling me to update


I love this game, but sometimes I try to play it says I need to update first. I go to update and it is already updated. Please fix.

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