South Park: Phone Destroyer™ App Reviews

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I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. Not to brag but I’m so good i almost never lose so whenever I get a really good match whether I win with them or lose I want to play again omg!! Or atleas mske the matches a little bit longer 😩 but yes I would LOVE A REMATCH OPTION THAT WOULD BE SOOOOOO COOL!

Be my all time best

If you could only download one game this would be the one !!!!! ‼️‼️‼️💋💋💋💋🚀❣️😻🤣🤗👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Even when it’s got glitches it rocks‼️‼️‼️



Games great, just one little problem.

Excuse this review but I had my first draw today, which was awesome. No one won or lost. But when I lose connection on PvP I lose. Can it be like a draw instead? Not anyone fault you lose connection.

Great game

This game if fun and funny. Awesome.

Amazing... pay wall

First impression: I was in love with the game. Fun story; cool use of cards. Then I hit the pay wall. Stuck in PVE & PVP. But it isn’t even pay to win, it’s whale to win. In game rewards are so minuscule. PVP system usually matches you with someone that insanely outclasses you. I know mobile games need to monetize, and my first impression was it didn’t slap your face with it like FFVANE does. Oh well, I thought I found a great iPad game, but it turned out not to be the case.

Come on down to South Park

You’re gonna have yourself a time.

PvP rank

You lose a star when you lose a pvp battle and you go down on rank plz fix that it’s annoying

Great game!

Stan the Great was not nerfed enough. Instead of making things do 0 damage now SOME units do 5-10 damage? He needs to cost 4 energy or have a slower charge rate. He’s still too strong. He’s a COMMON. Treat him like one.


Start off with a compliment that the game is pretty good. Nice South Park graphics and the way how the game is played can be addictive but however it’s lagging in some strange ways and sometimes before you enter the game it showed that “asset download failed”. Please get that fix ASAP and everything will be smooth. 👍🏻

Great game! Wish I could restore my 5 star rating...

My main complaint about the game is the PVP battle opponent pairing. It’s an unbalanced affair one way or the either way too often. Lately just the one way. I play this game because it’s a quick break. I can’t spend an hour trying to get broken phones rewards because some server could only find opponents several levels higher than me. Please developers, fix this issue and I’ll restore the 5 star rating and start having fun again with this app again I literally love every other aspect of the game! It’s amazing or it was

Love This Game.

This game is flipping awesome. Regardless of what people say about purchasing and Bla bla. It’s a role playing game like dungeons and dragons. No instant gratification (unless you pay for it). Love this game. You should incorporate Mrs. Chokesondick and Mr. McKey. P.S. cheaters ugh enough said!!

Love game, Hate cheaters

This is absolutely one of my favorite games. You can progress without spending a dime or you can progress faster if you have the cash to spend. My only complaint is all the cheaters who have infiltrated the app as of late. I would say, on average 3 out of 5 players are using various cheats in the PVP matches. It makes the game not so fun to play. There is an option to report these players but it does not explain anywhere what is done to the players who get reported, if anything. Even if they are straight getting the boot, there are simply too many of them to keep up with it. Regardless, they can simply make a new profile. I would love to see the developers find a way to stay on top of the hacks & cheat codes out there.

Fix many moons charge asap!!

Love the game idk if it's the update but paladin butters was clearly on the field and didn't get knocked out by many moons charge please fix! Cost me 5 points for event man *tear*

Freemium isn’t free

2 stars for being polished but if you have seen the freemium episode this games doesn’t everything. Introduce massive number of currency/items so you can do anything without grinding or paying...check, only let you get cards if you pay to reset the timer...check, have a great premise but not do anything to fix issues in the game...check, give people who pay for cards a higher chance at legendaries...check This is a great premise but the game is has serious execution issues. You can win pvp games and get 8 tickets that don’t let you do anything until you get hundreds if not thousands more. And now people abuse the game and intentionally de rank to play lower characters to get more wins faster which makes it difficult for lower people to get wins and get cards. At the end of the day this is a pay to win game. If you want to dump money into it should be fun (have heard some top tier players have dropped thousands to ten thousands dollars) if you are looking for a casual game don’t expect to win a lot as you get higher levels. I would pay for features in the game, but I am not paying for cards

First 5 Star I’ve given a game

Yes you can pay money and get more upgrade items, cards and outfits. That being said I don’t really see ranking differences in those who pay versus those that don’t (unheard of for any game you can pay for extras) there are no items you get from purchases that you can’t get just by playing the game. Some serious strategy required for the win. I’ve purged my phone about 5 times yet phone destroyer is the only one I keep. I normally keep a game for about 2 months before I’m bored of it. I’ve had phone destroyer now for 6 months. Give it a try. I never pay money (y when you can have fun for free) but this game I’m a have to throw some cash south parks way because they deserve it. Amazing game


Despite a wonderful presentation and interesting gameplay I am unable to play the game due to constant crashing.

Good game, screwed me over though

Love the game, fun for South Park fans. But it started me off level 1 with a pvp tank of 49 somehow and it won’t let me join a clan or even create my own which makes getting copies of my cards harder and I can never win any of my pvp matches because I’m level 6 with a pvp tank of 35 (lowest it will go for me)

Amazing app

Excellent. I’ll gladly continue dumping my money to Matt,trey, and everyone involved in the development of this very entertaining and well put together mobile app. Thank you, zero complaints ever. Please Keep up the great work. Truly appreciated.

Why just why

I just opened the game then it said to play the game I need to update it. I click update now and it sent me to the AppStore But the problem is i can’t update it BECAUSE it doesn’t need an update and it only lets me open the app

Awesome game

Awesome game takes time to level up I’m level 15 offline finally made it to legendary I thought it was impossible till I did it because I was always going to level 47-48 than I would go on a losing streak back to 45 over time finally made it !

South Park is so awesome.

I don’t play many games on my phone/tablet simply because none of them can really hold my attention for very long. Phone Destroyer is a rare exception. It’s surprisingly deep and can be picked up and played even if you haven’t played in a week or two. The story mode is what it is. The scenes are pretty faithful and keep in line with that traditional South Park humor we all know and love. Matchmaking is great. There’s ALWAYS someone available for PVP matches. I never have to wait longer than fifteen seconds to find a match. Only con I have is that there aren’t any other play modes. The weekly challenges are fun and well-thought, but I’d like a bunch of weekly pvp brawl style events.. like “All Randys” — where every player’s deck is replaced by a bunch of random Randy’s. Also. Phone Destroyer was my favorite ability from “The Fractured but Whole”.

This game is really good

I love this game it is really fun and so is the South Park show too

Really good except...

I have been enjoying this game a great deal except for the fact that it forces me to pvp - and then pairs me continuously with players of no less than ten levels higher than me. I have gotten as far as I have quite literally because a couple lovely random strangers took pity on me and let me win. The pairing needs badly to be fixed and is the entire reason I will likely quit eventually. It’d be a five star game if not for that, but as it is, it needs a lot of work.

Great show, sadly to many hacks

I love the show. The art of the cards and animations are funny and reminds me of episodes of the show. The reason why there is a one star. I been playing the game for a year. I progressed online in PvP and also fighting through a storyline. The problem is online PvP. Unfair matching system, a lot of hackers who alter the game play. Either the new kid of theirs doesn’t recibe damage. Or the spam energy without measure. And on every live stream or development update they deny it. Even when they have a hacker play live stream he deny it. Cost of cards is obvious, and a sudden spam that excede the limit. It’s disappointing.

Please fix

The game developers need to fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how you lose a star on your PVP ranking if you lose connection. that’s not my fault, once this is fixed will give five stars because even if there is in game purchases if you grind you can get some decent stuff

Downloading assets...

About 25% of the time, as a casual gamer, I open this app and it has to download assets. Regardless the type of connection I’m on, cellular or WiFi, it takes forever >5 minutes. Sometimes I notice changes, sometimes it looks the same. Ridiculous amount of time for a quick to play phone game. Game play is good, can be free to play with no issues....blah blah blah, I’m just annoyed by the constant loading screen wait.

I think this is a bug

I just updated and now it’s not letting me play I updated when the update came out now I can’t play I need help


I love South Park and this game sucked me in and I got addicted, but It’s caused a lot of problems. I want it to just go away but I can’t stop playing. Every time I delete it I end up downloading it back, this game is a disease

Please Ubisoft

Please Ubisoft please make a South Park the fractured but whole mobile game please people would love it please make it

5stars I love this game and I will recommend it to anyone

Great game

Good single player game, terrible online

I was pleasantly surprised when I found this game in the App Store. The gameplay battle system is a lot of fun and a nice change of pace from the usual click to collect games... for the single player quest. However after beating the single player campaign all that is left is online player vs player matches. This is where the game is broken. In typical rpg fashion you need to level up your character to advance further up the game boards, however the matchmaking system makes this impossible. Every match I play online is always against someone that is 5 or 6 levels higher than I am. What fun is it to play a match against someone with double the health and all level 5 cards, when you barely have one level 4. The answer is, it is not. I could understand a lvl 11 vs lvl 12, but lvl 12 vs lvl 18? There is no chance, however this is the norm. The ranking system is broken as well. Higher level players intentionally lose matches so they can have easy wins during events to collect rewards, this leaves the rest of us wasting time playing battles we can never win. If you do play this game, play the single player and avoid the online. Also the mind control cards are overpowered.


Since TSOT every South Park game has been gold and the micro transactions in the game doesn’t mess with game at all

Amazing but

I stop playing the game for awhile then when I came back I didn’t even know what was going on. I tried to restart but it won’t let me so please add a restart button or something

Waste of time

unless you plan on dumping a ton of money into this game, it is a complete waste of time. PVP just sets you up against people who are more than 5 levels higher than you do they are IMPOSSIBLE to beat. I’ve complained about this before and nothing changed. I will be deleting this game and never looking back because it’s not fun unless you’re willing to spend your real money on the game and frankly this game isn’t worth it. nobody wants to play a game they are made to lose, it’s stupid.

Best Adventure Game

I love South Park and this is why I love it. I love the style and gameplay

In love

My husband and I love south and card games. While this is the man bear pig of mobile games its the most perfecto game

Hilarious! Great graphics! Great score! Balanced 5 stars

Update: STILL love this game but warning- do not spend $ on card packs- even for an event. You get nothing. “A chance to win a legendary card” is a ruse. Not falling for it anymore. I LOVE this game. The gameplay is fast past. Not too grindy and pvp is well balanced. There are in app purchases, but this game is not a greedy money grab. The voicover work, graphics and score are wonderful. Anyone who is a fan of South Park will laugh out loud while playing. I also appreciate how un-p.c. this game is. People who are easily offended might not like it, but, I think it’s hilarious and everyone gets hammered equally. Great Job!

Would you like us to notify you???

For the love of God please stop asking me I want you to notify me when free packs are available. I’ve said no like 48 times. Unless it’s actually Matt and Trey asking, then we’re cool and to be honest maybe getting notifications about free packs ain’t such a bad idea. But if it’s a bunch of pretentious, greedy, program driven operators “Stop It!”

Fun but not worth it.

Update: This game is the biggest disappointment on the App Store for me. I love South Park and I love this game, but it is out of control. I redownloaded it and deleted it again within an hour. PvP is near impossible with all the cheaters that the devs obviously ignore or can’t control. If they could I would probably sink money into this, but since launch this game has been a trap and completely against the spirit of the show. Read the reviews, everyone has the same issues and the devs just don’t give a care in the world. Original: Pay to win and obvious modding have drained all the fun out of this game. It’s too difficult to progress when you’re matched with the same people who out-level you. If you’re tempted, save yourself the mental anguish.


Asome make more plsssssssssss

Thank you South Park!

Please continue to lead the mobile gaming industry with more South Park games... this is a must play... I’m not gonna go into any more detail about it. Find out for your self

What happened when I was gone?!

Just decided to give this game a whirl and found myself going from rank 9 to rank 50 in one match. Cool but I couldn’t get any of the rewards. Very disappointed but still love the game. Also can there be a bully butters feature when he sets up a wall?

I'm super cereal

What's not to love?

Seriously people cheat

Today July 8th I got someone cheating. At first I was like, oh they’re just lagging. Nope. Made multiple cartmans almost got me to half health not even 10seconds into the game. Weirdly enough I could spam my abilities on my people too and it did go off. (Actually did damage) I left the match because legit, 30seconds in and I lost. I like the guys and idea around south park so like a good complainer I’ll keep playing. I’m not giving any monies until you get this fixed.

Looks interesting but too many bugs

I tried downloading but encountered entirely too many bugs. First I had to apparently DL the Game Center and a google app to get by the “error. Try again”. Then the game would constantly stall on downloading assets. Tried uninstalling twice but this game requires too much work to enjoy it.

Why can’t play this game

I download this game but doesn’t work.

Too Many Cheaters

Update 3: I was able to play this game for a couple hours yesterday on my old phone, but today it’s back to telling me to log into Game Center. 😒 Update: Well, I downloaded this game on my old phone, my iPad, and finally my new phone. I finally got it to work and was able to log in on my new phone. I want to start by saying that I love this game. of the game is killed as quickly as your characters are in the pvp rounds. It is VERY obvious, from the game itself and other reviews, that there are a crap ton of cheaters in this game and the developers have done/are doing absolutely nothing about it. You can report players in “suspicious matches”, but you will never hear back from the developers. No - We are looking into this. No - We have found this player to be cheating and have removed them from the game. No - Go screw yourself. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It’s really pathetic and it makes the game super frustrating. I lose like 95% of my pvp matches, whether it’s against someone 3 levels higher than me, or someone below me. Doesn’t matter. Most of them are cheating and will win no matter what cards you use or what order you use them in. I will play someone at a lower level than me and they will win 3-0 without a single point of damage on their end. Some people will throw out character after character after character with no recharge time whatsoever. DEVELOPERS- PLEASE FIX THE MASSIVE AMOUNT OF CHEATING GOING ON IN YOUR GAME. Well, I downloaded this game yesterday and when I tried to play it kept giving me an error message telling me to log into Game Center to play. Today, I tried again and it let me log in and play for like an hour. Now, a few hours later, I am getting the error message again. I tried app support yesterday but chat is only available a few hours a day and to email support you have to create an ubi account (or whatever it’s called). So annoying. Loved the game, the little I got to play, but if I can’t play most of the time what’s the point?


I love all the characters, challenges, and fun humor

Fix the cheating

Why is it up to the players to catch & report cheaters? If you’re not policing it then we need to see the opponents energy bar. C’mon devs you have to do something!!!

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